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High Quality Vitamins

Solaray manufactures a high quality line of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and much more. Taking vitamins every day promotes a healthy lifestyle and supplies your body with the proper nutrients that you can not get from food alone. Balanced Protein Diet recommends you start everyday by taking Once Daily Vitamins and Omega-3 Fish Oils.
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cal-mag citrate with 400 IU vitamin d from solaray once daily high energy multivitamin from solaray potassium 99 mg amino acid complex from solaray
Cal-Mag Citrate w/Vit D 180 caps
List Price: $20.29
Our Price: $16.99
Potassium 99 mg 100 capsules
List Price: $7.69
Our Price: $6.30
Cal-Mag Citrate from Solaray has 400 IU Vitamin D to enhance absorption and utilization of Calcium by the body. Once Daily MultiVitamin from Solaray is a complete time two-stage time release multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides your daily nutritional requirements in one capsule. Potassium from Solaray is a vital electrolyte that should be incorporated into one's diet. Insufficient Potassium may lead to chronic tiredness, muscular cramps, and fatigue.