BPD 2 Week Quick Start Diet Plan
bpd 1000 calorie quick start diet plan


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BPD 1000 Calorie 2 Week Quick Start Diet Plan

5 Supplements, 2 Bars and 1 Meal

The BPD 1000 Calorie 2 Week Quick Start Diet is designed to help you jump start your weight loss program. You'll have 5 of our Supplements (Shakes, Puddings, Hot and Cold Drinks, Desserts, Protein Bars) with 1 of our Breakfast foods and 1 Light Entree. You'll also enjoy a well balanced dinner and can create your own menu by referring to our Food Selection List which spells out your portion sizes of protein, starch and vegetables. It couldn't be easier to prepare.

The BPD 1000 Calorie 2 Week Quick Start Diet is easy to follow and extremely satisfying. The key to the diet is eating six small meals a day. It keeps you satisfied and helps to prevent cravings and feeling hungry between meals.

Upon completing the BPD 1000 Calorie 2 Week Quick Start Diet you'll be ready to continue your weight loss program by moving onto the BPD Select or Elite Diet Plans which will increase your daily calories to a recommended 1200 for women and 1500 or 1800 for men.

We'll also include the following as part of the diet plan:

1 - 20 oz Blender Bottle
1 - Omega-3 Fish Oils 60 softgels (Solaray)
1 - Once Daily MultiVitamin 60 capsules (Solaray)

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1000 Calorie Quick Start Diet Plan

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