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ProtiDiet is the manufacturer of high quality, nutritious foods high in protein with low-carbs that can be used with any plan for weight loss. Available in soups, entrees, bars, oatmeal and hot drinks. ProtiDiet foods have been developed to meet the needs of today's health and weight conscious consumers.
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high protein bars from protidiet hot drink mix, hot chocolate and cappuccino from protidiet high protein, low carb soup mixes from protidiet.
Soup Mixes (PTD) 7 paks
Our Price: $13.00
High Protein ProtiDiet Bars have 15 grams of protein per bar. Use as a snack, a meal replacement or as part of a diet plan. Hot Drink Mix from ProtiDiet comes in Hot Cocoa with 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbs in each serving. High Protein Soup Mixes from Protidiet makes a high protein, low carbohydrate, hearty and satisfying meal in minutes.
spaghettini high protein meal from protidiet
Spaghettini (PTD) 7 paks
Our Price: $13.00
Spaghettini from Protidiet, 15 grams of soy protein and lots of meat style sauce. Great for lunch or dinner anytime.