Weight loss the smart way!

We offer three different diet plan options:

BPD Diet Bundles

  • 1
  • BPD Quick Start Diet
  • 5 meal replacement supplements
    2 protein bars / snack with 1 regular meal daily
  • 2
  • BPD Select Diet Plan
  • 3 meal replacement supplements
    1 protein bar with 3 regular meals daily.
  • 3
  • BPD Elite Diet Plan
  • 6 meal replacement supplements
    1 protein bar / snack with 1 regular meal daily.
Featured Products

Balanced Protein Diet

is a high protein low calorie diet that makes dieting enjoyable and satisfying rather than a struggle. We combine regular food along with VLC and low carb protein bars, high protein drinks, shakes and snacks so you'll be eating and snacking six times a day. We offer a large selection of products from Balanced Protein Diet, ProtiDiet, Healthy Diet and Proti-Lean. Start your day with our high protein low carb breakfasts and finish it with one of our delicious protein diet shakes.

Our self-managed diet plan is easy to follow. It not only helps you lose weight but also teaches you good eating habits that will help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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